So this is the final home stretch….pregnancy has been so remarkably easy until this point.  Now the feet are swollen, the heart burn comes constantly, the dehydration headaches remind me that water is not an option, and bending over to pick up things off the floor sends my back into a frozen state if I’m not careful!  🙂 It will all be more than worth it, of that I am sure.  I think the hardest part for me is not knowing if today is the day.  Yes, there are 4 1/2 weeks left before our due date.  However, considering I was 8 weeks early and Tim was two weeks late…you never know what this wonderful child will decide to do.  I find myself laying in bed wondering if I will wake up in the middle of the night and have to get Tim up to go to the hospital on this night or that night.  If I knew when and how it might be a little easier.  🙂

Excited doesn’t seem to be the right word regarding the arrival that will come in the next month.  I don’t think there are really words to describe that feeling.  Each time I find myself gazing at my sleeping dog I am reminded that there will soon be a sleeping baby here too, and that the awe I have for my sleeping dog may just not compare.  Such cute little beings… (I hope they get along!)  Alright, I think that is enough for now….

basketball belly


FL baby showerWe would like to send out the warmest thank you to all who attended Baby “P”‘s baby shower yesterday.  A big thank you to Kim and Rusty Davis for putting on such a huge event that blessed us tremendously.  We are so thankful for our circle of friends and the way they enrich our lives.  We only hope that we return the favor.  – Brooke and Tim

193 Ridgewood

Baby P 09

Yes, We Moved…by brooke

Wow, I was surprised to find that this blog had not been deleted because of lack of use….May was a VERY long time ago!  So we’ll catch you up to speed…kinda…the rest  you’ll just have to figure out in other ways!  I really don’t have time to sit here and fill you in on the past three months…well because they just involved way TOO much stuff!

The move is the focus of this post, so lets get on with it.

After living in Palm Coast, 30 min from friends and work and most of our hostesses, for three years…we decided that it was time to give up the comfortable duplex that we had learned to call our own.  It was time to move south.  30 minutes farther from Mom (which has proven to require her to visit more!), and closer to Tomoka Christian Church (our church and Tim’s place of employment).

As you read in our last post, this housing search lasted a while and required prayer as the cost of housing in Ormond Beach is a bit more than Palm Coast.  However, before leaving for our annual trip in July, we did find a home and we fell in love with it.  We got things squared away, packed up our Palm Coast house, and left for the month of July.

On our first morning back, we got the keys to our wonderful bungalow on Old Ridgewood in Ormond.  It is 4 blocks from the library, 3 blocks from the river, 3 minutes to our good friends the Davis, and 6 minutes to church.  It has a huge fenced backyard and a very large deck.  It has three bedrooms and one that is perfect for the baby!  We especially love our bedroom sliding door that looks out to our backyard jungle and walks out onto our back deck.

We had wonderful friends help us move and all was done in 4 hours…..nothing was broken, and we were very blessed regarding the entire thing!  Most boxes are unpacked, and were actually all put away that first week.  I think we have about 4 more boxes of misc stuff that doesn’t have a place yet, and now we are in the middle of prepping the baby’s room.

Here are some pictures from moving day…..

moving day

We will be sure to post true pictures of the actual house soon….we have to get the baby stuff back out of the living room first! 😉

Huge Prayer by Tim

I know that often I must insult God.  Praying for little things and foolish priorities.  I know that when someone comes to be with something they need done and say it might be hard or challenging that later turns out to be easy I am sometimes insulted.  Did they think I was that dumb?  Do they think i am not capable?  I know that God must feel that way with some things I bring to him.  Prayers that say “I am not sure if you can really do anything… so try this for me… prove you still got game.”  I have started to seek God with Bigger and Bigger prayers for our ministry, our church and our youth.  Maybe it is time to start praying those huge bold prayers for my family and myself.  God delights in all our prayers, but are you insulting him in the process?

There is something so amazing about getting the honor of working where I work and with the people, I work with. Getting to be a part of what God is doing in Ormond Beach and beyond is rewarding in a way I cannot even begin to explain. As summer gets closer and closer the pace of events picks up to a steady sprint. I love that. As a huge West Wing fan, I can see President Bartlett walking off the stage after his victory for President turning to Leo and Josh and asking, “What’s next?” That is how things are here… and I treasure every moment of it. This week is no different. I like the kind of busy that does not give you time to clean your desk!